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♪ You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) ♪

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international music

Despite the vast amount of music being made in the world it can often be a challenge to find new international artists through the popular media outlets of radio and "music television" - particularly in the United States. With that in mind I decided to start this community - radio_alouette - as a place to share music that might go unnoticed otherwise. My own musical tastes are quite varied and this will most likely be reflected in the music that's posted here in each update. After some experimentation I've settled on a format of posting roughly 30 songs each month, with each song representing a different nation.

Edit: I currently live in South Korea while my music collection is in the United States. Following the meltdown of my iPod two months ago I am slowly rebuilding my musical library and may have trouble refreshing expired links. However, as of 20 March 2008, all the links going back to Update no. 28 should still be active.

01. As with any music rotation site the samples provided here are for evaluation purposes only and should be deleted within 24-48 hours. In addition to this, if you are an artist whose music is featured here and would like to have it removed please leave me a note so that I can take it down as soon as possible.

02. Leaving comments is generally considered proper etiquette for a music journal. Not only is it nice, but it also lets me know what you like so I can keep that in mind for future updates. The best way to get the most out of this community is to help by participating.

03. I will at times list selections from out of print albums and singles, but if you like what you hear and the original material is still in print I would highly encourage you to support the artists! Great sources to purchase music include Amazon, YesAsia, and Calabash.

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